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Bond-Optic Epoxy


Bond-Optic is a museum-quality water white (optically clear), non-yellowing, two part epoxy adhesive. Bond-Optic was designed especially for glass and lapidary use in stabilizing delicate materials, intarsia work, laminating stone or glass, and filling strengthening fractures in all types of gemstones. It can also be used on porcelain, glass, metal, wood and much more and allowed to thicken in order to mold into missing parts of stone or glass. Bond-Optic can be colored, or filled to match the material it is being used on This epoxy was designed with two goals in mind: One, to have a low viscosity in order to be able to fill very fine cracks. Two, to be absolutely clear and remain clear regardless of age. This product was tested under high intensity UV light to simulate 20 years of age. After testing discoloration was not detectable to the naked eye. Bond-Optic was designed to match the quality and performance found in high priced epoxies like Hxtal.

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