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Sphere Cups

Highland Park diamond sphere cups are designed from the segment up to cut and polish both soft and hard material fast.  With over 10 years of R&D in diamond segment technology, our sphere cups set the standard for production sphere cutting.

Here is guide to selecting the right size cup:
Cup Size InchCups Size MMSphere Size Range InchSphere Size Range MM
1"25mm1" to 1.4"25  to 35.5mm
1-3/16"30mm1.3" to 1.6"33 to 40.5mm
1-3/8"35mm1.5" to 1.8"38 to 46mm
1-9/16"40mm1.75" to 2.1"44.5 to 53mm
1-3/4"44mm2" to 2.6"50.5 to 66 mm
2-1/4"56mm2.5" to 3.1"63.5 to 78.5mm
2-1/2"63mm2.8" to 3.5"71 to 90mm
3"75mm3.4" to 4.1"86 to 104mm
3-1/2"90mm4" to 4.9"101.5 to 124.5mm
4"102mm4.6" to 5.5"117 to 140mm

NOTE: The resin diamond cups occasionally have small air bubble pockets that appear as part of the manufacturing process. This is only cosmetic and will not affect cup performance or lifespan

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