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Greenline Agate Eater Blades

The Greenline Agate Eater Diamond Blade is the most rugged, aggressive, free-cutting industrial lapidary blade available in the world. It's ugly, forgiving and will outcut and outlast most any other blade with its 3/4 inch segment height and solid steel core. We know, we run these blades in our own cutting factory and it's the ONLY blade you'll see run in any cutting operation in China - and that's where 80% of the worlds stone is cut.

The Greenline Agate Eater has a wider kerf, so you won't want to cut your high-end rutililated quartz or charoite with it, but if you looking for a great blade for blocking, slabbing and cubing material and you don't care about loosing a few extra hairs of material per cut, this is your blade. Extremely popular with beginners, clubs and serious cutters, this blade is forgiving to things that would fold other blades up.  

Do not confuse the Greenline Agate Eater with the green "Chinese" or "Brazilian" blades which lack diamond segments but instead have diamond powder "knurled" or pressed into the metal.

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