Highland Park Dop Pro Kit

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The Dop Pro was designed for more comfort and control for the serious cab maker. It reduces stress to your fingers and wrist and provides more control for shaping and polishing your cabs


The Dop Pro Kit features an 1 inch diameter adjustable comfort handle that locks on the 1⁄2 inch diameter x 4-1⁄2 inch long aluminum handle. The comfort handle accommodates larger hands and can be removed to accommodate smaller hands. The  kit comes with 11 dopping sticks (screws). Designed to use either standard dop wax or cyanoacrylate superglue to attach stones to the dopping stick. Comes with a durable plastic base with 12 generously spaced holes for holding the dop handle and mounted stones so you can dop multiple stones at one time. This system makes it easy to switch between stones when grinding or polishing by using a hex key to loosen the dop handle set screw.

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