Highland Park Model CB8 stainless steel cabbing unit (230V)

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Model C8 six-wheel 304 stainless cabbing unit available with 1 HP 230V 50Hz motor (wheels not included) and one year warranty.


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Our C8 Cabbing Machine was designed with the Lapidarist in mind. The machine is made from all 304 stainless steel and unlike 18-8 it will never rust and is non-magnetic.
We designed the machine to accept six 8" wheels and the machine is wide enough to allow generous spacing between the wheels. The machine comes with a spacer kit, that allows many different thicknesses of wheels to be used without requiring additional spacers.

This price is for the cabbing machine only. Cabbing wheels are sold separately. If you wish to get the wheels as well, you can choose and purchase them here.
The water delivery system is controlled with a drip valve over each wheel and the drip line is adjustable allowing the water to be delivered in the center of each wheel. The main feed for the drip line is a single 1/4" "ice maker" size line. It can be fed from either a water line or from a gravity reservoir. (not included)
The main shaft is 316 stainless steel and is precision turned for vibration-free operation. The motor is mounted on the top of the unit to minimize bench usage and to keep the unit better balanced. The machine runs at 1725 RPM and is driven with a serpentine belt, which, unlike v belts, does not cause any transmitted vibration to the wheels.
There are drains on both the right and left trays which are set below the bottom of the tray allowing complete drainage of the tray. The unit is mounted on low-profile rubber feet which keep it securely in place during operation. 



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